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Forehead wrinkles

Faial Design d-aesthetic Vorher Nachher Bild der Behandlung der Stirnfalten mit Botulinumtoxin

Treatment: Forehead wrinkles, if pronounced, can lead you to a have a deeply “thoughtful” appearance. They may also make you look older and even stressed out.

Duration of treatment: approx. 10 minutes

Treatment procedure: The muscles responsible for the formation of forehead wrinkles are treated with muscle-relaxing botulinum toxin. If the wrinkles have already "recessed" deeply, they have to be additionally injected with hyaluronic acid gel.

Treatment result: Patients look more relaxed and refreshed after such a treatment.

Prices and related costs: Since these are individual therapy measures, the prices and costs can only be determined after a personal consultation and a special analysis by Dr. Djalaei.

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