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Ask yourself this: Do you care about natural beauty and having a fresh and relaxed look?
Do you want to look more vital and younger but still remain yourself and retain your personal and natural look through all the age periods of life?

As a surgical specialist as well as a specialist in aesthetic medicine and facial design, I can help you make your wish come true!

I will tailor a program to improve your entire face as a whole and together we will design your very own individual naturally beautiful look.

With minimal-invasive treatment methods we will improve and rejuvenate your appearance and fulfill your personal wishes for a fresh, natural and attractive appearance.

As a specialist in the field of Facial Design, I always look at your face as a whole. You will profit from my expert knowledge and my years of experience as I analyze which areas of your face have to be treated and in which combination, in order to achieve the desired optical and naturally beautiful effect..

Naturalness and sustainability are the top priorities of my work!

Thus the result will be a natural, fresh and ever radiant look. What is more amazing is that the changes will not be directly perceived by anyone who sees you, even those who know you, as being "made or artificial" (examples: see gallery).

Today more and more people are consciously choosing to enhance their visual appearance in order to obtain a more beautiful and positive image. Visiting a beauty surgeon is no longer a privilege of Hollywood actors, but belongs to everyone as a "must-have" in modern times and to the new generation. In fact this has become an unspoken beauty secret.

With my concepts in treatment, the rejuvenation and improvement of your face without surgery and its entailing risks is now possible! The procedures are fast and effective, yet safe and nearly pain-free! More importantly, you can return to your social life and into public view immediately after each and every treatment.

My chief ambition is to provide you with a fresh and relaxed look and a much improved overall feeling towards life.

A fresh and vital appearance enhances one's self-esteem and wellbeing, and also has a great influence on how you are perceived by those around you in your day-to-day environment - both at work and in private life, at any age!

For a fresh, radiant and beautiful appearance, it is never too early or never too late and my offer goes out to not only women but also men of all ages!

Even at a young age, preventive treatment is recommended in order to slow down and counteract the natural aging process.

At more advanced ages, my treatment concept fixes visible aging phenomena to make you look fresh, rejuvenated and radiant once again.

I guarantee you natural beauty, personal tailored advice, as well as sustainable and professional support in building and maintaining your own unique and naturally beautiful look.

Your face will be in the best hands with me and I am looking forward to meeting with you and carrying out your first personal consultation.

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Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 10:00‑18:00 CET/CEST.
We ask for your understanding that all visits are strictly by appointment only and must be arranged in advance.


Dr. Sina Djalaei • Specialist in Surgery • Cosmetic Surgeon
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D-50667 Cologne, Germany

+49 221 27253040

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