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FACIAL DESIGN / Full Face Wrinkle Treatment

Faial Design d-aesthetic before after photo of Full Face Wrinkle Treatment

Treatment: As you may know, the face decreases in volume with age and thus the skin may start to sag. Since this process affects the entire face, the face must be viewed in a holistic, complete and uniform manner when approaching possible treatment.

Duration of treatment: Approx. 45 minutes

Treatment: First, the muscles that tighten around the eye (which cause crow's feet and wrinkles) are relaxed, so that the eyes appear bigger. The tear trough is lined with a hyaluronic acid gel, the cheek parts are padded and the nasolabial fold receives an injection. Volume is restored to the lips, and the angle of the mouth is slightly raised. Finally the chin contour is subtly refined.

Treatment result: The full result and sum total of all of these individual treatments leave the patient feeling and looking younger and more relaxed. Since the changes made are not too great or extreme in nature, the patient does not appear to have undergone “treatment” and does not look in anyway artificial or “made”.

Materials used: Juvederm Ultra Smile, Juvederm Ultra 3, Juvederm Ultra 4, Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Voluma

Prices and related costs: Since these are individual therapy measures, the prices and costs can only be determined after a personal consultation and a special analysis by Dr. Djalaei.

FACIAL DESIGN is a holistic treatment concept for the face in which Dr. Djalaei looks at the face as an overall picture and treats it accordingly.

The “building” of the face is gradually achieved according to an individual treatment plan. Then the results of the treatment are sustained by subsequent regular refreshment procedures.

Dr. Djalaei attaches great importance to the holistic treatment of the face because he always strives to achieve and maintain a natural, harmonious and yet “stylish” treatment result with his work.

If only individual areas, zones and certain wrinkles of the face are treated on a step-by-step basis, there may not be a natural overall appearance resulting from the interaction between the naturally aged areas and the treated individual zones and the face will no longer look natural, but appear to be "made and artificial".

For this reason, Dr. Djalaei has specialized in what is called FACIAL DESIGN.

Dr. Djalaei treats separate individual zones with special attention to the fact that the overall appearance of the face stays harmonious and natural after treatments. Individual consultation is provided at a personal appointment.

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