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Men - we dare you to enjoy irresistible charisma and appeal!

Why should a fresh, attractive look full of vitality be reserved only for women?

If your face looks tired, maybe aged and a little tense, or if you happen to be dissatisfied with individual specific areas of your face (for example: your nose, receding chin, dark circles under your eyes, lines such as frown lines or forehead wrinkles ...), you too can rid yourself of the signs of aging, just as women do!

The unspoken beauty secret is not to simply toughen up and deal with the circumstances of your appearance but to help your own personal beauty and attractiveness come alive again through subtle aesthetic medicine.

My treatment concept makes men look fresher and more vital as well as more masculine if wished – all achievable by what I have developed and called Mascu|look.

Our customized treatment is fast and effective, requires no operating procedures and thus avoides their side effects!

Every day more and more men come to consult with me in my practice and are treated because they want to emphasize their outward appearance and even improve their real world appeal, perhaps even just a little. It always pleases me when they leave the practice after the treatments with more self-confidence and a renewed and positive feeling in themselves and in their physical bodies.

If you are still unsure... arrange a consultation appointment and we will discuss your options!

During a personal talk we will be glad to discuss what your wishes are and you will receive your own personal treatment plan and be informed of the complete costs involved in treatment and the “building” of your face.

Do not wait until your face looks aged and tired!

From a young age, we take aging-preventive measures, so that your face will not have a tired, flaccid or wrinkled appearance!

We will treat your face at the first signs of aging with ease and minimal effort, with subsequent further treatments made within the framework of a “preservation” program requiring only 1 - 2 annual refreshment treatments that will help you to maintain a fresh, relaxed and radiant appearance in the future - one that fits your personality, age and comes totally naturally.

In my practice I treat many mothers and fathers as well as their daughters and sons. I often hear the older generation say:

"We would have started these treatments much earlier had we known about them, and had these gentle methods already been common knowledge in our generation."

So . . . do not wait for when you have a tired, limp or wrinkled appearance! That would be a pity when in fact that never has to be!

Fresh and Beaming – It is never too late!

If time and age have already left their traces on your face over the years, do not hesitate to consider a treatment. At any age whatsoever it is always possible to “rebuild” your face!

We treat your face in order to remedy the symptoms of visible aging and make you look fresh, vital and radiant again.

The result of my treatment concept always looks "natural" according to any age. You remain your own “self” and I attach great importance to that part of my work! At no time should your face look artificial or “made”.

Due to the gradual and gentle “re-construction”, those around you in whatever environment you are, will not notice that you have undergone cosmetic procedures.

Don't scrimp on your face!

If you are seeking a lasting natural result and appearance, look for a facial treatment specialist who specializes in holistic modeling and the treatment of faces.

If individual zones and wrinkles of the face are treated only in parts - without having an overall concept and a vision for the entire face - there is the danger that there will be no harmonious “overall picture” between the naturally aged areas and the treated individual zones, and thus the face will not appear natural, but one that is "manufactured and artificial".

In order to preserve the proportions of the face and to achieve a natural result of the treatments, only individual wrinkles and areas must not be treated explicitly, but in fact it is necessary that the face is treated holistically, meaning as a whole.

Contact an expert who possesses extensive experience in this field.

Learn more and become informed before you decide on a provider to help you make your wish come true. Get informed about the offered treatments and results and have providers share their references and the actual case histories of some of their past clients with you. Also make sure they are regularly educated and trained in the latest and most advanced techniques in aesthetic medicine and the science of anti-aging.

Do not make your choice of provider solely dependent on the price.

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