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Treatment Plan

For your personal, naturally beautiful and fresh new look, I will create an individual treatment plan for you. This plan will determine exactly which areas of your face are to be treated, in what combination including the exact timing sequence required, in order to achieve the desired visual effect and beautiful natural result.

The treatment consists of two phases: the actual construction and the subsequent maintenance.

The first stage takes place within the framework of two to three consecutive treatment appointments within two to four weeks.

In accordance with your personal treatment plan all of the areas of your face which have been agreed upon are then treated.

As a rule your desired goals can be achieved in two to three initial sessions and the standard maintenance can follow.

If the need for further optimization in individual cases should arise, we will discuss the necessary treatments required, make necessary appointments for further treatments and inform you of the additional costs involved.

Your refreshed and optimized new face is “built” carefully, step by step so that a completely natural result is preserved with each treatment. Any unnatural treatment result, by what you might call “overdosing” is thus avoided. At no time should your appearance be perceived as having been "made" or in any way "artificial" by those around you.

My ambition and what I continuously strive for is that you will immediately receive compliments on your fresher and more relaxed appearance after each of your treatment appointments, but it is also vital for me that those around you do not enquire as to whether you have undergone any aesthetic procedures.

The results achieved during the initial “build-up” phase are ensured by the follow-up maintenance which will require just one to two follow-up treatments per year and will thereby ensure that the treatment result we have achieved is maintained. This way we can prevent the natural aging process of your face as much as possible.

As your partner in achieving natural freshness, beauty and a well-groomed and stylish appearance, I will stand by you during the initial construction and through the onward maintenance so that you will always look fresh and radiant at every age!

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Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 10:00‑18:00 CET/CEST.
We ask for your understanding that all visits are strictly by appointment only and must be arranged in advance.


Dr. Sina Djalaei • Specialist in Surgery • Cosmetic Surgeon
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